Friday, October 29, 2010

happppy halloween (:

Hey girlies,
I know I said I would do more halloween tutorials but I feel like a lot have been done on blogs and youtube. If your still stuck for halloween go and check out megan one of my favourite youtube girls has a lot of halloween tutorials that are worth checking out. Anyway I have a halloween music festival tonight which I am really looking forward to. Also on another note I was just wondering if any of you have been to usher or katy perry in concert because they are coming to New Zealand next year and I'm not sure which one I want to go to. So I may post an outfit of the night either tonight or tomorrow or some time next week. One week until exams so I'm trying to get in full study mode.
That's about it,
promise after exams there will be more tutorials, I am planning maybe some fashion posts as well


  1. TAG YOU'RE IT!!!
    So i wanted to start a new Tag. It's call Who are you TAG. I don't know if they have this kind of tag, i hope not.. but this tag will let others know a little more about you.


    your name
    whats your favorite color?
    what are your favorites stores to shop at?
    what is your favorite clothing item to shop for?
    What are your obsessions?
    What do you collect?
    Who inspires you and why.
    Who do you want to become?
    What is your favorite thing to shop for?
    What is your favorite perfume?
    Heels or sneakers?
    your favorite magazine?
    do you have any hobbies? list them
    say 1 thing what not a lot of people know about.
    What is your style?
    > you can add your favorite photos.. it doesn't matter what it is.

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