Sunday, August 29, 2010

bring on summer..

Over in New Zealand our seasons are different and right now it's winter going into spring, we've had winter weather all week which I hate because of rain but supposedly since it's 31st of August, spring starts around tomorrow. Which I guess is good since I can go back and look at all the spring hair and fashion posts on blogs of people from the other side of the world. Pretty soon the school term will be ending meaning term holidays for a couple weeks (and the end of term run which I'm not too happy about) and then it's straight back into last term of school including exams and then summer! Jeez I love summer so much, not only cause of holidays but also because of make-up, hair and clothes. Firstly in summer I have relatives in Australia near Sydney who live near this beautiful beach, I'm not sure how long we are going because last year we stayed for two weeks and went to Sydney and then the Gold Coast which is where all the theme parks are. Then when we come back we go to a camping ground in the north island for two weeks which is a lot funner than it sounds, just the people and beach parties during the day and at night. Getting tanned is nice as well, not lying out in the sun but just walking around getting that glowy tan.

just left out or in a messy ponytail or bun, spritz a little salt water into it. It can get damaged though so in summer use really moisturizing conditioners (bedhead moisture maniac, tresemme salon silk), if your really worried, spritz a little heat tamer spray in your hair. Also a leave in conditioner will help, let your hair dry naturally and leave straightening to a minimum.

Since you get tanner, it kinda evens out your complexion. Minimal make-up, tinted moisturizer, cream blush, waterproof mascara and vaseline or like a tinter lip conditioner for your lips. My skin also seems to clear up rapidly in summer which I adore.

fairly simple in summer, cute swimsuits. Ripped denim shorts, cute little tops with pictures of the beach or slogans on them but not little kiddy prints. Summer dresses or maxi dresses. As for shoes, flip flops or whatever, this is going to sound bad but I wear bare feet a lot of the time at the camping ground. 

Sorry for this post, I'm just too excited for summer! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

face of the day.

One of my first face of the days that if you want me to do more of these just tell me because I think I enjoy them. Today I went to school (so fun, right?) and it was mufti day which we only have like twice a year so everyone gets excited, well atleast I do. I know that sounds entirely nerdy but its true. I swear on mufti every girl you walk past gives you the up down look and you do it too without noticing. I envy those schools who don't have uniform but if my school was like that I don't think I could manage. I can barely decide what to wear on mufti day, let alone ever single day.

basic foundation routine (will post soon), mascara, pink blush and gloss

texturised hair with straightening iron (post coming soon) and tied into a high messy ponytail with a thick black ribbon tied in a bow around it.

light wash ripped skinny jeans with plain black top, cable knit white oversized cardigan and black converses

That's it

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you are the best thing thats ever been mine.

Taylor Swift, she is so beautiful and classy, she just is an inspiration. One of the things I love most about Taylor Swift is her hair, its big, curly and blond and she doesn't try to straighten it down. Her hair just makes her Taylor Swift.  This will be a litte tutorial on how to get taylor swift inspired hair. Taylor's hair is naturally curly which she is lucky to have but here is how to kind of get a similar look.

hair mousse
heat protectant
seperating clip
two inch curling iron
hair spray

{how to}
1. this tutorial is done better with second day hair (second day after you washed it) because it'll help the curls hold a lot better
2. put a little bit of mousse through your hair concentrating on the main part of your hair and comb it through, then spray heat protectant through and brush it again then wait five minutes
3. seperate your hair and clip it, then take pieces and curl them with the curling iron and leave for ten seconds
4. do not comb through with your fingers, instead spray with hair spray
5. then repeat steps 3 and 4 with the rest of your hair
6. (optional) then straighten your bangs, I know taylor doesn't do this but for me it looks better
7. then flip your head over and spray and then flip it back and spray
8. And you've got your very own Taylor Swift curls

favourite taylor swift songs:
our song
hey stephen
tim mcgraw

Friday, August 20, 2010

yet another hair post.

When I was little I wanted my hair exactly like ariel from the little mermaid. Her hair was beautiful, long, full and red. I have wanted to go red for a long time but never have gotten the courage to try it. Red hair is beautiful and just stands out, I wanted hair like ariel and also Kate Winslett from titanic but red hair is risky. Nowadays I still love red hair but I'm not brave enough to dye it. I still love Ariel's hair though, especially her fringe or bangs at the front, how they come off her face with volume, even when she's underwater. I know she's a cartoon character but her hair is so beautiful. She's pretty much my hair idol.

Questions for you
Who's your hair idol?
How do you like your hair? (long, short, colour?)
Ever wanted to try a different risky hairstyle?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

taking requests.

This is going to sound really bad, but lately I haven't had any ideas of posts to do, like reviews, tutorials or like my routine (skincare, hair etc.), I was considering doing a tag post but I don't know if you guys find those boring. So basically just tell me what you want, tell me a specific or maybe just wha kind of posts you like. thanks xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

be that piece of L.A. candy

hey ladies, so this look is make-up and hair (well my take on it) for lauren conrad the reality star who has also written two books (one of them being L.A. candy). First before I start I just wanted to thank elle who put me on her blog as a featured follower (link on the button on the side), also jordy from who is such a cutie and super nice and lastly my followers who are incredibly nice and leave comments on my posts which I really appreciate you all.

foundation or tinted moisturiser
illuminating cream/liquid (clinique)
face powder
brown matte eyeshadow (dark or light)
black liquid liner
goldy pink lipgloss

{how to}
mix a little bit of illuminating face cream with your foundation or tinted moisturiser and apply with your fingers (gives the most natural look) all over your face, the illuminating cream gives your skin a lit up dewy look but don't put in too much.

Instead of blush apply bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and blend back, also apply bronzer to your temples and jaw line.

With fingers or a brush apply concealer all over your eyelid and brush with face powder. Then using either your pinky finger (if your in a rush) or crease brush, apply brown eyeshadow in your crease and blend with a fluffy brush.

You may want to reapply face powder onto the lid if the brown went a little too far down. Apply liquid liner on the top lash line, all along and slightly flick out at the end. Apply a few coats of mascara.

Apply lipgloss and your done

very simple, curl your hair with the straightening iron (its hard to explain but there are tutorial videos on youtube if you want to learn) and spray with hairspray or if your hair is 50% dry spray a little water mixed with salt into your hair. Then create a middle part and braid your fringe or bangs back or tie your hair loosely into a middle to low ponytail.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

product rave 001 + a few lash tips ♥

hey girlies, so right now I have a product I've been using for the last couple of weeks all day every day. I'm a big, no huge mascara person. Mascara is mostly what I collect when it comes to make-up, I've sort of given up on eye shadow for every day as it takes too long and then goes and creases on me. So mascara has been my latest love and I have tried mascaras from covergirl to estee lauder and all those brands in between and I have finally found a mascara that gets my lashes to the potential they were destined to be or have or whatever. This magical mascara from the napolean perdis peep show mascara line and it is the madame fantasia one.

{the good}
I don't own many napolean perdis products but after this mascara I am very tempted to try their other mascaras and maybe even branch out to their other products. It makes my lashes black, voluminous without clumping. It just makes them look like better versions of my eyelashes. The packaging as well is completely white apart from the writing on it, very different which I like.

{the bad}
I am a big fan of mascara on my bottom lashes and this one although it doesn't on the top but on the bottom it tends to smudge a little more than I would like it to so I don't use it on my bottom eyelashes

{the ugly}
Napolean perdis is pretty expensive, not as much as say yves saint laurent or nars but more expensive that maybelline etc.. It is around $40 (NZD) depending where you purchase it from.

lash primer- I don't really wear primer on my eyelashes but for partys and such it really makes your eyelashes look ten times better
eyelash curlers - use this on a daily basis but thats mostly because this mascara isn't a curling one and my eyelashes tend not to have a natural curl
vaseline - vaseline or petroleum jelly if you put it on your eyelashes at night time helps promote growth and strengthens over time

ftc: I am not being sponsored or compensated for this post, the mascara was a gift for my birthday and these are all my own opinions

Friday, August 6, 2010

back to school make-up

For school make-up you want to keep it simple and you want it to stay on all day. So my school make-up routine is fairly basic but if you want you can add on more colour etc.

face primer
cream or liquid foundation (or tinted moistrurizer)
face powder
black pencil liner
cream blush

1. prime your face with the primer and apply your foundation on the spots you need to cover (uneven skintone, redness, blemishes)
2. apply cream blush on the apples on your cheeks and blend back and then brush powder over your whole face
3. line half a centimetre on the outer side of the bottom lash line and blend inwards creating a shadow like effect on the bottom lash line
4. curl lashes and apply mascara on both the top and bottom lashes
5. because my lips are pretty coloured already I just put vaseline or a clear gloss on them

back to school hair.

Hello my lovelies, long time no post, anyway so I know I live in New Zealand but alot of the other people are starting a new school year so I thought I might do this anyway because it seems fun.
These are just a few easy hairstyles that I like to wear to school

I'm not really allowed to wear my hair down to school but I know some are.
braided fringe/bangs
Basically the hair I wear on the weekend but you just take your fringe (helps if its long) or just the font section of your hair and braid it back and clip it with two bobby pins crossing over to make sure its secure then take a one or two inch section from the other side and braid back that side too and then secure in two bobby pins again.

loose messy bun
probably the one I wear to school most, take all your hair and tie your hair like you would a ponytail but on the last one only put through half of your hair so it makes a bun. Next pull your hair lightly around the bun creating a more loose effect and your done.

high ponytail
Tie your hair in a high pony tail and pull on your hair lightly around the ponytail. Clip fringe or bangs back. Lift up the half of the ponytail up and tease with a comb underneath and spray a little bit of hairspray.

Any ponytail
Another one I do quite a lot is where you leave your bangs out and lift up the top layer of your hair and clip it then tease the rest of the hair at the root and spray. Then unclip and flip your head over and spray it and then with your hands kind of mess it up and flip back over. Then tie your hair in a ponytail whether it be high, low or medium, this just creates volume and makes your ponytail look cuter.

Messy bedhead hair
The other styles are for straightened hair mostly but this one is for messy curly hair. If your hair is straight then curl it with the straightening iron to create curls that are messy-ish. Then take the top layer of your hair and clip it in a hair up half down. Or tie it up in a messy bun and clip your bangs back.