Thursday, November 4, 2010

quick tag.

Guess who's back with another tag? Yes, I was tagged on my last blog post about halloween. I said I was going to do an outfit of the night but I didn't have time because I was in a rush and it was boring anyway. I didn't dress up which was good because hardly anyone was. I have another one coming up soon as well so I will do an outfit of the night for that I promise. Anyway I have a few dilemmas before I get into the tag. So I'm thinking about getting blackberry. I've heard a lot of people talking about them and how they bbm. Not a lot of people I know have blackberrys but I think I'm old enough to have a more expensive phone but tell me what you think and if you've had one. Also early next year usher and katy perry are coming to New Zealand and I really want to go to both but I won't be able to. I'm not sure which one to go to because I've been told katy sucks live but from her performances at award shows she seems pretty good so idk. But yea, anyway enough blabbering and here is the tag.
who are a few of my new followers and anyone else who wants to do it, link it in the comments and I'll read it.

your name
whats your favorite color?
mostly pink but I also like blue and orange and green
what are your favorites stores to shop at?
boardertown, amazon, mooks, lippy, wildpair, dotti and opshops
what is your favorite clothing item to shop for?
this is hard, probably dresses and jeans
when opshopping mostly like vintage jumpers
What are your obsessions?
i kinda have alot.
photography, skincare products, hair products, titanic (the movie), pretty little liars (tv show and books)
What do you collect?
skin products, make-up and hair products
mostly hairspray, mascara, spot treatments
Who inspires you and why.
my mum probably, shes a lovely creative person
and that sounds so cheesy and cliche but it's true
What do you want to become?
job wise? a journalist, something like working in a magazine
What is your favorite thing to shop for?
make-up and hair stuff and clothes
What is your favorite perfume?
dkny be delicious, midnight fantasy, viva la juicy and happy by clinique
I have a lot
Heels or sneakers?
uh, heels for night
but for day I love my converses which are kinda sneakers..
your favorite magazine?
cleo for sure and remix
do you have any hobbies? list them
not really ay?
say 1 thing what not a lot of people know about.
I kind of have a phobia of bald people
like they intimidate me a little
What is your style?
hmm, like classic teenage style but with like opshop clothes thrown in
> you can add your favorite photos.. it doesn't matter what it is.
at this point in time I don't really gave any, sorry


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  1. nice post. These tags are a good way to know better each other :)