Monday, October 11, 2010

let's get physical.

Lately I've been feeling really lazy and unfit plus I'm not exactly happy with my body so I have decided to create a workout regime. I don't want to look like the girl in the picture but my goal is to lose a little weight and tone up. So starting today I am creating a workout routine and also some healthy eating rules to follow and since I'm posting it, it's official. Keeping in mind this is during the school term and I have to work around exams and study but when it gets to summe holidays I will for sure be intensifying it.

workout routine
the gym
I go to the gym two times a week in the morning on the first day I cycle interval train on the bike for ten minutes and the rest of the time I go on the circuit and do some weght training to tone my stomach, thighs, arms and butt. Then the second day I go on the eliptical machine and interval train for thirty minutes on hill trainer. It in't much but I have a busy week.

at home
I go for runs with my mum at night time that are around one to two kms long which I am struggling so far but I find everytime it gets easier. I also have a little routine I do that takes like 5-10 minutes.
20 crunches
10 ab lifts
20 crunches
10 ab lifts
10 burpies
10 push ups
That is it, all I do for working out as time goes on and it gets easy for me to do I will increase it to keep it challenging.

healthy eating rules
no ice-cream
no soda
skip desser
healthy snacking
count to ten between each bite
eight glasses of water per day
one glass of milk


  1. this is a good regime! I wish I could be as dedicated as you - hope it all goes well :) xxx

  2. Amen! I make goals like this all the time and they last for like 2 days :( Yours sounds like a good routine, I might join you.