Sunday, October 24, 2010

days go by..

just a daily post of what I'm doing today inspired by zoella one blog I am quite enjoying lately. Things on my mind are the thought of dying my hair for reals this time but not yet, I'm thinking in summer holidays which is 5 or 7 weeks away I'm pretty sure. The two colours I'm thinking about is darker brown like almost black or doing the pretty ombre thing for summer, like keep my natural colour and have a caramel at the bottom, it looks really cool. Another thing is piercings, I'm not too sure if I want to get a nose stud anymore, it looks super cute, like miley cyrus' one but I wouldn't be allowed to wear it to school which would be a bummer cause of school rules and everything. I have decided though to get the top of my ear pierced which a lot of girls at my school and my best friend (body pictured above, sorry love) which looks super cute. I am going to watch family play touch rugby today because it's public holiday which I am loving and then I think I'm going shopping because I got a little belated birthday money which totally made my day so I'm thinking of getting this wildpair (favourite shop) scarf (it's a link) for summer, it is super cute and reminds me of the alexander mcqueen one I've seen girls wear. I usually don't wear skulls but I love this, I'm thinking I'll get the white one, it'll be kind of edgy. That's pretty much it for today enjoy. 
currently doing: on facebook, blogging, checking out the wildpair website
currently listening to: we are who we are - ke$ha, like a G6 - far east movement, barbara streisand (O-God remix) - ducksauce, don't let me fall - B.o.B., grenade - bruno mars  

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