Friday, December 3, 2010

miami to ibizzzzzzzzzza

In complete summer mood right now listening to miami to ibiza by tinie tempah and swedish house mafia which has been a favourite song of mine for a while now. Thought I might post a few of my favourite tumblrs on here. I have been obsessed at looking at tumblrs and photography which just makes me even more excited for doing photography not next year but the year after at school. Anyway going to a rave tonight which I'm excited and then a party next weekend so pretty rowdy line up to kickstart holidays, I'm just kidding. But expect summer posts later like summer hair, summer music and summer make-up. I love you all very much and have great days. Also if you have a tumblr post it in the comments and I'll check it outtttt.
one, two, three and four
plus also this diet plan i have found and am willing to take part
and that is all
edit: I forgot but also this one and this one

Thursday, December 2, 2010

i know what you did last summer..

School for me finished yesterday, wasn't too upsetting. A few girls cried but to be honest we are going back in eight weeks but I do understand, it didn't really hit me that I do not have school for ages until today. Last day was good though, watched grease in drama (which I haven't watched in forever but still love), the end of back to the future 3 in english (kinda weird but I love back to the future), plus games in other classes, then we had packing up and yearbooks handed out. Pretty good day, I enjoyed it. Since it's summer there will be summer posts and I apologize in advance those of you who are in winter now but summer just gets me so excited. My laptop came back safe and sound and I also bought my first liquid liner (took a while) and finally got around to getting the wildpair scarf I blogged about here which I am in love with. I am moving house this weekend too which is pretty exciting since it's on the same street as my best friend but yea. Hope you guys are all well and I'll blog soon.