Friday, October 29, 2010

happppy halloween (:

Hey girlies,
I know I said I would do more halloween tutorials but I feel like a lot have been done on blogs and youtube. If your still stuck for halloween go and check out megan one of my favourite youtube girls has a lot of halloween tutorials that are worth checking out. Anyway I have a halloween music festival tonight which I am really looking forward to. Also on another note I was just wondering if any of you have been to usher or katy perry in concert because they are coming to New Zealand next year and I'm not sure which one I want to go to. So I may post an outfit of the night either tonight or tomorrow or some time next week. One week until exams so I'm trying to get in full study mode.
That's about it,
promise after exams there will be more tutorials, I am planning maybe some fashion posts as well

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween: nerd costume

I said I wasn't going to but I was looking at other halloween tutorials and I thought what the heck? It seems fun and may inspire a few plus it'll help me make my mind up about what I want to be. Girls my age don't really go all out for halloween, they prefer to wear little dresses and a pair of devil horns (and like magic its a costume). I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that because I understand not wanting to wrap your entire body with toilet paper or throwing a sheet over your head. It's a little late but here goes nothing.

for your hair, keep it simple and little girl-ish. I would suggest low or high pigtails, loose braids either side or a messy bun and shove a couple coloured pencils in there

keep make-up natural and light because nerds aren't very vampy. So natural base make-up, a little eyeshadow, liner, mascara and blush. Keep lips pink and pretty or if you want a nice red lip would look super cute, not exactly nerd-ish but still, its halloween.

Wear like one of your dads old dress shirts over a singlet or get a cheap star wars t-shirt. With your shirt wear a tie or bow tie. As for bottoms wear high-waisted shorts or jeans. Another thing you could wear is a skirt, plain or plaid. Then wear thick white knee-high socks with any black shoes, converse, flats, heels. Then the final touch buy some of those geeky glasses that are like ray bans with clear lenses. If you don't want to spend the money then just get some cheap black sunglasses and poke the lenses out.

For extra things to add to your costume, you could carry around a like action figure lunchbox to collect candy in. You could also buy some suspenders to wear with your costume and even a little sign taped to your back that says 'kick me' or 'nerd'.

That is it, I hoped you enjoyed that. Tell me your ideas for halloween and request a few. I'm not exactly sure what other costumes I will be doing but I'd love to hear your ideas.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

alexander mcqueen inspired scarf, rad or bad???

I've had my beady eye on this scarf for a while, to me it just looks really nice. I mentioned it in my last post but I thought it deserved a special mention. The first time I saw it was on the beautiful anna's blog (pictured above) and have just been spotting it in everywhere ever since. Of course it is super expensive and I would never ever be able to afford it on a babysitters pay (which pretty much isn't a job as it is) and I'm still a naive irresponsible teenager so I have been looking for like replicas, preferrably cheap replicas. I also like it because I'm a dedicated scarf person, scarves all year round is my motto, big cream and grey knit ones in winter and thin or silk ones in summer.
So browsing the wildpair website I stumbled across the most perfect scarf (click it) and I pretty much freaked. Obviously it's not exact but it is pretty close. I'm pretty sure I like the white one better but I'm not too sure. The thing I love about the black and white is it would be very versatile. It's just something different in which I love.

image credit
one and two 

days go by..

just a daily post of what I'm doing today inspired by zoella one blog I am quite enjoying lately. Things on my mind are the thought of dying my hair for reals this time but not yet, I'm thinking in summer holidays which is 5 or 7 weeks away I'm pretty sure. The two colours I'm thinking about is darker brown like almost black or doing the pretty ombre thing for summer, like keep my natural colour and have a caramel at the bottom, it looks really cool. Another thing is piercings, I'm not too sure if I want to get a nose stud anymore, it looks super cute, like miley cyrus' one but I wouldn't be allowed to wear it to school which would be a bummer cause of school rules and everything. I have decided though to get the top of my ear pierced which a lot of girls at my school and my best friend (body pictured above, sorry love) which looks super cute. I am going to watch family play touch rugby today because it's public holiday which I am loving and then I think I'm going shopping because I got a little belated birthday money which totally made my day so I'm thinking of getting this wildpair (favourite shop) scarf (it's a link) for summer, it is super cute and reminds me of the alexander mcqueen one I've seen girls wear. I usually don't wear skulls but I love this, I'm thinking I'll get the white one, it'll be kind of edgy. That's pretty much it for today enjoy. 
currently doing: on facebook, blogging, checking out the wildpair website
currently listening to: we are who we are - ke$ha, like a G6 - far east movement, barbara streisand (O-God remix) - ducksauce, don't let me fall - B.o.B., grenade - bruno mars  

Friday, October 22, 2010

just casual ootd, update + need your help

Hey girlies
I've been away for a while and when I posted they were mostly boring posts anyway but sadly it doesn't end here. I've been making study notes and things in preparation for exams and all last week and the one before that learning and performing the school production I was in but that is all ended. Still, for the next  three weeks I will be in complete study mode. Apart from the occasional fun weekend.
Today was beautiful spring weather I just walked into the village with my best friend and had some sushi and a banana smoothie which were both delicious and then looked around the market before walking home. Tonight we are going to a party which should be fun and then the following day going shopping for this halloween music festival we are going to. This is where you come in, I have never been to this festival before but I have been told what the girls wear are just outfits with devil horns or a witch hat or whatever. So not like full on zombie make-up and stuff so I need your help deciding like maybe a cat or peacock or something, I will credit you if I like your idea (:

my hair is semi-greasy and in need of a wash so I just stuck it up in a messy bun for the day and am going to take a shower after this post is done. I swear I owe my whole life to the person/people that invented messy buns, they save my life

just a little powder and concealer and lined subtly around my eyes which is what I've been doing a lot recently

since it is sunny and a lot of girls seem to be whipping out the short shorts I have been loving the black tights under denim shorts trend which I paired with this casual kind of jumper top thats a red orangey grey type of color
jumper - cotton on
shorts - supre
tights - the warhouse
shoes - all black converse 

hope you enjoyed and please post your halloween outfit ideas (:

Friday, October 15, 2010

these are a few of my favourite songs..

Just really bored, studying, listening to music. Since I have exams in a few weeks I'm going to be studying real hard so I won't have much time to post so this will just be a few songs that I like to listen to right now.

studying or reading
mine - taylor swift
shes everything - brad paisley
need you now - lady antebellum
it wan't be like this for long - darius rucker
a drop in the ocean - ron pope
tighten up - the black keys
hey stephen - taylor swift
can't stand it - nevershoutnever

oldies but goodies
what would you do - city high
it wasn't me - shaggy
'cause I got high - afroman
new in town - little boots
gold digger - kanye west

tik tok parody - midnight beast
party and bullshit in the usa -biggie smalls
dynamite/love the way you lie/teenae dream mash-up - sam tsui
nothin on you/ soul sister mash-up - sam tsui 
business time - flight of the conchords

new ones
erase me - kid cudi
hey baby - pitbull ft. t-pain
check it out - nicki minaj ft
runaway - kanye west
want you bad - travis mccoy ft. ke$ha
just a dream - nelly
letting go - sean kingston ft. nicki minaj
raise your glass - p!nk
heartbeat - enrique englesias ft nicole sherzinger
kickstarts - example
runaway - kanye west

getting ready/parties
backstabber - ke$ha
could it be you - H wood
shots - lil jon ft LMFAO
yes - LMFAO
dirty talk - david guetta ft wynter gordon (laidback luke remix)
your love - chris brown (remix)
bangduck! - afrojack
make her say - kid cudi ft kanye west (afrojack remix)
teenage dream - katy perry (liam keegan remix)
last friday night - katy perry
miami to ibiza - swedish house mafia ft tinie tempah
like a g6 - far east movement

all time
can't tell me nothing - kanye west
don't let me fall - b.o.b.
your love - chris brown (remix)
miami to ibiza - swedish house mafia ft tinie tempah
new in town - little boots
shots - lil jon ft LMFAO

Monday, October 11, 2010

let's get physical.

Lately I've been feeling really lazy and unfit plus I'm not exactly happy with my body so I have decided to create a workout regime. I don't want to look like the girl in the picture but my goal is to lose a little weight and tone up. So starting today I am creating a workout routine and also some healthy eating rules to follow and since I'm posting it, it's official. Keeping in mind this is during the school term and I have to work around exams and study but when it gets to summe holidays I will for sure be intensifying it.

workout routine
the gym
I go to the gym two times a week in the morning on the first day I cycle interval train on the bike for ten minutes and the rest of the time I go on the circuit and do some weght training to tone my stomach, thighs, arms and butt. Then the second day I go on the eliptical machine and interval train for thirty minutes on hill trainer. It in't much but I have a busy week.

at home
I go for runs with my mum at night time that are around one to two kms long which I am struggling so far but I find everytime it gets easier. I also have a little routine I do that takes like 5-10 minutes.
20 crunches
10 ab lifts
20 crunches
10 ab lifts
10 burpies
10 push ups
That is it, all I do for working out as time goes on and it gets easy for me to do I will increase it to keep it challenging.

healthy eating rules
no ice-cream
no soda
skip desser
healthy snacking
count to ten between each bite
eight glasses of water per day
one glass of milk

Saturday, October 9, 2010

help wanted.

here in New Zealand it is getting into the warmer months where I switch from foundation to a tinted moisturizer but one problem, I don't have a good tinted moisturizer. I do have and use one (proactiv tinted moisturizer spf 15) but only because it works and I got it for free. The main reason I love tinted moisturizer is because it gives your skin coverage without looking cakey or like paint, it makes it look like a better version of your skin. I recommend it to most teenagers even if you have pretty bad skin which I have (acne, uneven skintone, huge pores) I still think you should at least try it. I use it under a powder since I have very oily skin and gives that little extra coverage. If you have average or dry skin then you can just stick to the tinted moisturizer. Anyway back to the main point of this post is that I am in search of a great tinted moisturizer, I don't mind if it's high end or drugstore but a spf would be a great added extra. Basically just one you use or want to try or have heard of being great. I'll research into it and select one to choose and in the review post I will link you for your help.  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

hot picks fall '10.

Hey guys, just something I thought you might be interested in entering, it's a great competition with amazing prizes. 

The competition is to spread the word about Every person that enters gets a super cute stylight charm bracelet which you get to select but you also get a chance to win a trip to paris sponsored by HRS. 

All you have to do is, 
first type in your favourite brand and trend 
second choose a widget and click continue
then type in the link to your blog
next copy the code onto your blog
then you make a little blog post about it like this one
finally choose the charm bracelet you like and e-mail stylightwith your post about it and the charm bracelet you have chosen and your address (ask parents if under 18)

Simple and easy and even if you don't win the extreme prize you still get a pretty charm bracelet plus stylight is a very nice website I have found with super cute chic clothes so even if you don't enter still check that out 

to enter go here
to just check out the website go here

Friday, October 1, 2010

get to know me a little.

Just a simple tag of questions so you get to know me a little better. 

name, age, location.
maria, 15, New Zealand
babysitter, student, blogger. (not sure if any of those count)
yes, three
named after anything. 
yes, my grandmother
current doing.
writing this post and downloading songs
dream job.
beauty journalist
favourite colour. 
pink, purple, green and orange
current favourite food.
current favourite movie.
titanic, the hangover, mean girls, jennifer's body 
current favourite tv show. 
desperate housewives, criminal minds, ghost whisperer, vampire diaries, outrageous fortune
current favourite book.
the summer I turned pretty 
pretty little liars books 
the private novels
current favourite song. 
thank god it's friday - katy perry
runaway - kanye west 
can't tell me nothing - kanye west
it won't be like this for long - darius rucker
don't let me fall - B.o.B.
dirty talk - wyner gordon
want you bad - travis mccoy ft. ke$ha
whip my hair - willow smith
current favourite quote. 
'don't take life too seriously, you don't come out alive anyway' 

cocoiscouture giveaway

Aneela at is having her first giveaway. The prizes include a brand new juicy couture viva la juicy (one of my favourite perfumes ever) and a $25 mac gift card. All you have to do is follow her blog and create a little post like this one to let other people know about it and then comment in the post. 

you can enter here

Even if your not interested in the giveaway it's worth having a look at the blog, I adore it.