Sunday, October 24, 2010

alexander mcqueen inspired scarf, rad or bad???

I've had my beady eye on this scarf for a while, to me it just looks really nice. I mentioned it in my last post but I thought it deserved a special mention. The first time I saw it was on the beautiful anna's blog (pictured above) and have just been spotting it in everywhere ever since. Of course it is super expensive and I would never ever be able to afford it on a babysitters pay (which pretty much isn't a job as it is) and I'm still a naive irresponsible teenager so I have been looking for like replicas, preferrably cheap replicas. I also like it because I'm a dedicated scarf person, scarves all year round is my motto, big cream and grey knit ones in winter and thin or silk ones in summer.
So browsing the wildpair website I stumbled across the most perfect scarf (click it) and I pretty much freaked. Obviously it's not exact but it is pretty close. I'm pretty sure I like the white one better but I'm not too sure. The thing I love about the black and white is it would be very versatile. It's just something different in which I love.

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  1. love your style, great blog!

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  2. such a good find :)
    and a lovely blog

  3. I love that scarf! I like them in all colorus
    I have been looking for them time ago to .
    I like the blog :) I follow it