Friday, May 7, 2010

'80s disco on your lips.

MAC superglasses just arrived on which means it they won't be New Zealand mac stores for a few weeks. I've always been a fan of dazzleglasses, just everything about them is so nice, they are definately my favourtite out of all the mac lipglasses. Seeing swatches from and they look super glittery hense  the name. I think if I were to go out and purchase one I would probably get the lightest pink which is sweet tart. I don't think these would be for everyday use but over a light pink lipstick (mac viva glam gaga) for a night out would be cute.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

style: the jock jacket

I know this is supposed to be like a beauty blog but I wanted to add a bit of fashion into it just because this is something I've been loving and it is the men's jock jacket. So jock jackets are purely cliche chick flick style but I love them all the same. I mean not many schools I know of have attractive jock jackets but if yours does then borrow your guy friends I guess but I don't think many schools in my area have the jock jacket so I think that's why I like them, I don't know. I used to think they were purely for men but seeing this girl in the lower jock jacket (pictured above) she just looks so adorable and cute (ignoring the fact she has no pants on). I think this would make a cute and warm jacket for winter with some dark wash jeans and a plain black or white top. I know lower aren't the only brand with the jock jackets but I just instantly fell in love with it. They are mens though, it would be a little bit better if they did make womens jock jackets because they'd be a whole lot more fitted than the mens ones it is how it is I guess.


hair product love: sebastian potion 9

Hey Ladies, so in the past I have been a hair hippie. I never used to do anything to my hair just used to wash and condition and that was it no mousse, spray, styling cream or even detangler. When I turned ten I got my first straightning iron which was one of the $20 ones in the back of farmers but thats all I needed. From that day forward I straightened my hair almost everyday and because I was still a hair hippie I didnt use heat proctectent (eeeeek!). That is what caused all of this. I should've bought myself a heat protectant the day I got my straightner but oh no I was so naive. My hair is very paranormal. I have greasy roots and dry ends. This is a tragedy, not really but hard to work with. This is when I started using hair products and noticed they made my hair so smooth and silky. And I think I've found just the miracle product.

'active-oil botanicals restore hair's natural condition, leaving hair with renewed shine'

This product I must first state is a bit on the pricey side being $50 which I know isn't like woah but still it's alot compared to supermarket brands that are $15 max. When I bought this I must admit I had my regrets, what if it didn't work? That'd be $50 down the drain but trust me it's worth every penny. It's a orange gel that can be applied to damp hair (what I usually do) and then air dry or blow dry, whatever floats your boat but it can also be used for when your hair is dry to boost shine and texture in your hair. That is vaguely what it says on the bottle but it does exactly that. I can feel the difference in my hair.

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topshop in new zealand

Hey ladies, it's here! It's here! It's finally here! Topshop hit up New Zealand on the 1st May. Topshop is a department store with low prices (possibly a range from glassons to dotti prices). It's a European store and has 300 stores all over Britain. New Zealanders have been able to purchase items from the store via the internet but online buying occasionally can backfire. Next time your in town definately make it your number one stop.