Sunday, September 26, 2010

my 'gotta go now' make-up, hair and outfit.

I know everyone has those days where they slept in or missed their alarm and they have to get up and go in less than 10 minutes. This happens to some more occasionally than others and I feel like this happens to me almost every single morning so I have this rushing technique down to a fine science.

make up
1. cleanse and moisturise face
2. apply concealer under eyes and on any blemished
3. apply a pressed powder (loose can be messy especially when in a rush) all over face.
4. apply a quick sweep of bronzer on cheeks as blush, on chin and on temples
5. apply cream illuminator on brow bone and on inner corner
6. apply a few coats of mascara and a bit of vaseline
for most of this I just use my fingers which are faster then finding brushes in the morning

1. if greasy looking spray a little dry shampoo
2. flip head over and tease a little with brush and spray
3. gather on top of head and tie in a messy bun
4. spray and bobby pin

1. put on a pair of jeans, light wash or dark wash
2. throw on a cute top
3. add a leather or denim jacket in winter with a scarf
4. throw on pandora bracelet
5. socks and all black converses


'ONCE'IT is the newest online fashion addiction to hit our screens.. shoppers are treated to three major sales a week with up to 70% off.' - Remix magazine
ONCE'IT is an online shopping website that has sales during the week that don't last for long but are definately worth checking out. ONCE'IT is a New Zealand only website I believe that is invitation only but if you want to access it leave your e-mail below and I can invite you. This week they are having a sale on mens and womens federation clothing which I will definately be checking out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

its a (pantene three minute) miracle

I recently bought a three pack of the pantene three minute miracle for $8.99 because it was cheap and sounded like what I needed only to find out it would be my latest hair love. My hair recently has been really dry lately but then my roots are greasy so I've been trying to find a product that doesn't make my roots oily but then softens my hair.

the good.
It only takes three minutes in the shower plus I didn't need all the tube so I used it to cover my whole head and then wash it out and used the remaining product mixed with my conditioner a few days later. My hair is pretty long as well, maybe just below my bust line. The results were incredible, I don't think my hair has ever been this soft, I keep on touching it because it feels so smooth.

the bad.
my hair doesn't have much texture anymore which kinda sucks because I do like a lot of texture in my hair. It's not a re-sealable tube so if you have shorter hair and want to use it multiple times you can't seal it back up.  

the ugly.
It is cheap at approximately $3.00 per tube but it reccomends to use it once a week which will add up but then again you don't have to use it every week.

update: I'm now on term holidays for two weeks which is great plus on my latest post I got some comments which made me ecstatic. I'm planning to go to IMATS in sydney next year but anyway this term I will be working, shopping and sitting my learners. I'm excited but when we get back from holidays in a few weeks we have junior exams but its only eight weeks of school I have to live through until summer. I have also chosen my options for next year which are maths, english, PE, media studies, art and general science

Friday, September 17, 2010

me and my sisterr.

Today was my sisters birthday and we went to a movie and had wagamama which was fun. My sister is so funny and she reminds me so much of myself when I was younger, I love her. She turned 12 which makes one more year until she turns into a teenager. So happpy birthday little sis. On another note I am now tweeting again my twitter is girlabouttownn with two n's. I also went shopping last weekend but I got clothes and I don't know if you guys would be interested in that. We had the biggest storm last night and not going to lie it was kind of scary considering I was watching a nightmare on elm street at the same time. I have been pretty good lately and have one week left of school which makes me happy. Currently I have been listening to the naked and famous and also the 'country' playlist I made on my ipod which consists of john mayer, taylor swift, brad paisley and darius rucker. That's pretty much it for this week. More posts later. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

share the love..

ahhh, one of my favourite tags, letting you guys know my favourite blogs of all time, go check them out and follow them.

I tag

1. jordy
jordy is a beautiful girl similar age to me whos from Australia, her blog is beautiful with reviews and hauls. It's not just a beauty blog, it's also a fashion and kind of inspiration blog too. She's gorgeous and gives great reviews. We share similar taste in fashion and make-up. Go check her..

2. milly
milly is a truly stunning english beauty who is very girly. Her blog was reccomended to me and I absolutely love it. She updates her blog a lot and it is just gorgeous. Her blog is just a look at her personality with cupcakes and unicorns and pink and just pretty little things.

3. anna
Anna is so beautiful, I just envy her hair. Her blog is filled with inspirational outfits of the day, shes a fan of mac lipsticks and she is just stunning. She just makes me crave caramel hair and alexander mcqueen

4. holly
Holly is a sweet pretty girl from Australia, who I love her videos and her blog. She does great hair tutorials and has wonderful taste in clothing, shes a cutie.

5. olivia
She is a gorgeous girl who is inspiring me to get a nose stud like hers. Shes really sweet and down to earth and does great tutorials

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hairrr routine.

Lately I've really been into hair which is kinda cool because it is a lot like make-up, you have your higher end brands like tigi and joico and you also have you lower end or drugstore brands like pantene and tresemme. As for my hair, it is virgin hair (never been dyed) with oily roots and dry ends (from heat damage) which is quite the challenge.

the products
tresemme cleansing shampoo
tresemme moisturising conditioner
pantene 3 minute miracle
hair dryer
sebastian potion 9
tresemme 24hr body root booster spray
toni&guy heat tamer spray
ghd straightning iron
tresemme hair mousse
tigi bedhead brunette goddess shine spray

how i do it
1. wash my hair with shampoo, just in the roots and rinse
2. put conditioner in bottom of hair and leave for a few minutes then rinse, once a week or every two I put in pantene 3 minute miracle for three minutes in the bottom of my hair
3. put my hair up in a towel for 10 minutes, then take down and comb through
4. blow dry bangs on the cool setting of hair dryer
 5. put sebastian potion 9 in bottom of hair and spray root boster spray in roots, then spray in heat tamer spray and blow dry whole hair on the hot setting and blow dry upside down
6. once dry spray in heat tamer spray again and straighten all of hair with ghd straightner
7. then apply mousse on the bottom of hair
8. spray a little bit of shine spray into hands and run all over hair
and finished.

Monday, September 6, 2010

pretty little liars + whats coming up

Sadly, they don't screen pretty little liars here in new zealand which sucks a lot, I have read the first two books and I love them both but I haven't been able to find the other six. My uncle downloaded the first five episodes of the show and so far I've watched three and I'm obsessed. It's so mysterious and I kept wanting to read more. It's perfect, if only they made a movie out of my other favourite book, the summer I turned pretty.

the line up
skincare routine
hair  routine
foundation routine
products I'm loving
share the love tag
and others..
if you have any suggestions then submit them here or under the requests post (:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

inspiration of the week.

Does anyone else apart from me find this beautiful? The hair, the outfit, the nails. I believe its from a wildfox couture shoot, and I adore wildfox.