Monday, April 5, 2010

it's a love/hate relation ship (tag)

love: flawless skin, natural perfect colour foundation that isn't heavy and looks like a second skin.
hate: my skin when it breaks out and during the day gets uneven and my redness shows through. Also when you can feel foundation on your face and it feels thick.

love: neutral rose pink lips with clear gloss. tinted lipbalms
hate: lip plumpers that burn your lips. I know they're supposed to but when your lips feel like they're on fire.

love: for day I love neutral eyes with heaps of mascara for night I like semi-smokey brown eyes with mascara and pop of colour because I have green eyes I use purple.
hate: how some lucky people can line around their whole eyes including waterline and it looks amazing like my best friend taylor who looks great but when I do it, it smudges and my eyes look teeny weeny compared to the rest of my face. its unfair. hahahahaha

love: shiny glossy hair that cooperates with me. Lots of volume
hate: when my hair is frizzy, dandruff or greasy and doesn't want to do anything

love: when people are adventurous and look amazing without having to but high end stuff
hate: when something is the 'it' thing and I save up and buy it and then everyone is like 'errgh that is so 5 minutes ago' though this has told me not to always stick to the trends.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

'it's called a lushie'

hey everyone, so yesterday I was walking along queenstreet because I was on a family trip to Auckland City when I spotted lush. I freaked out. I hadn't been to lush since Sydney last year and I never ever know there was one in New Zealand. So I decided to go inside for a 'look' which then turned into be a 'buy'. One funny incident was when I was looking at the face masks which my sister when I said 'I love lush so much, what do you call a person when they are addicted to lush?' my sister just shrugged and this girl beside me turns around and says in a rather rude voice 'It's called a lushie' and then stormed off to the soaps. So my first blogpost with pictures, yay for me. And I know my photography skills are terrible but these were taken off my phone so I promise I will get better. x

Just a photo I set up of the lush bag with some products infront of it. hahaha I'm so weird, but I cut off the 'lush' logo on the bag which was the whole point of the photo. fail

top from left: avobath bath ballistic, sex bomb bath ballistic, play your cards right massage bar
bottom form left: the comforter bubble bar, sexy peel soap and karma soap.

Nothing really to say so far because I haven't used any pf these yet. This was a set called viva lush vegas that also came with 'joy of jelly' shower jelly that I didn't realise was in there so I bought another one and gave this one to my sister. Oh and the comforter smells amazing and same with karma soap.

from left: joy of jelly shower jelly and crash course in skin care face mask

So that's all for my lush haul and it turns out there are nine lush stores in New Zealand but if you don't live near one, hop onto and select the NZ flag to go to lush new zealand online. Same with other countries. Next time I go to lush I think I will get more girly products like rockstar soap and creamy candy bubble bar and I'm interested in their face masks and hair products. Note: some lush things do need to be refridgorated (arrrgh cant spell)

. - thats my beauty mark

ftc - I'm not 100% sure if bloggers have to put ftc but just being safe. All these products were purchased by me and my sister (so we share them) I'm not being payed to haul these products

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's April now, smack bang in the middle of easter as I am writing this. Maybe going to the easter show, they have great goodie bags. I have decided to commit myself to this whole monthly favourites thing people on youtube do. So drumroll please...

moisture mist beauty cake - Just recently got this and I am safe to say that my what looked like neverending perfect foundation search is officially over. The moisture mist beauty cake gives a really pretty light finish that I am in love with and you don't feel like you have make-up on at all, it is truly truly freaking amazing.

MAC pinch'opeach blush - This has been my favourite blush for so long and I almost named this blog after it. Its matte and the most beautiful pink colour ever, for night you can apply it dark and it looks really glowy and pretty but during the day I just brush it on lightly.

coastal scents 88 shimmer pallette - again a product I love that was what I was going to cal my blog but that sounds kinda stupid (, actually I kind of like it. Has a ring to it. Since it's term holidays for two weeks, I have been experimenting with this pallette everyday twice a day. The pigmentation is gorgeous and the colours are so bright. A must-have for all make-up junkies.

OPI nail polish in 'I'm not really a waitress' - gorgeous colour, OPI nail polishes are such good quality and this colour is so adorable plus the name is cute as.

Beauty Blogs - beauty blogs are so helpful thats why I am making one. A few of my favourites are, and go check those out and follow me all the way home dolls.

Clean&Clear morning glow moistrurizer - has SPF 15 in it and is a lightweight formula. Has legit like shimmer in it. I love it so much.

Proactiv acne 3 step - Second round of this stuff and it just keeps getting better. Keep tuned for my skincare post, coming to a town near you.

Remix magazine - got the subscription for my christmas and I love this magazine so much, its more sophisticated with lots of MAC make-up, zambesi and stolen girlfriends club stuff.

Thats all my monthly favourites, tune in next month for another round, until then bye.


I went to Rodney Wayne hair stylists yesterday for the first time. Rodney Wayne is kind of like a semi-upscale hair salon. So I went in unnanounced and actually got an appointment.

11:45am - arrived in the mall, went up to Rodney Wayne and was greeted with a 'Why hello there darling, may I help you?' by the gay receptionist (who had amazing fashion sense might I add). Asked if I could get my hair cut sometime today or tomorrow and he replied with 'Oh sweetie your in luck, we just had a cancellation, come back at 12 k?'
11:50am - left and went to have a look in MAC for 10 minutes and almost bought something but restrained myself because I didn't know how much it was going to cost.
11:59 - went back to the salon, sat down, read vogue australia
12:00- an asian man with dreadlocks, massive round thick black glasses, dark wash jeans and a floral shirt walks up to me and says 'maria? I am doing your hair today'
12:01 - sits me down with a glass of water and plays with my hair asking me what I want. 'could you please thin it out heaps and layer it a lot too' I asked. He replies 'yes sure sure, I think you may need a treatment because your hair is very very dry'.
12:05 - shampoo girl named Jessica I think, sits me down and washes my hair. Seriously if you like head massages don't go to a professional, go to Rodney Wayne, I mean it. She massaged my head so much, it was amazing. Then she applied treatment.
12:25 - sat back down in the chair and he dried my hair like 50% then cut
12:45 - dried hair 100% then straightened with GHDs, he got it so straight.
12:55 - layered hair and did shaping around my face
1:15 - finished and didn't buy any products at all

cut - $75
treatment - $30

final thoughts: I will be going back again, it was seriously amazing, my hair feels so soft and light because I naturally have very very thick hair. Hair is super shiny plus good customer service head massage, drink refiling and bringing new magazines. Will definately go again some time.


hello my little peaches and creams,
how are we all today? oh, thats good. Well, I'd like to inform you of a beauty blog occuring on this very day. A beauty blog? why yes a beauty blog. Whatever will be on it you say? well, only reviews, new products, hauls, new collection and make-up looks to say the least.

Thats all for now my lovelies,
sweet dreams and happy easter

. - thats my beauty mark