Friday, August 6, 2010

back to school hair.

Hello my lovelies, long time no post, anyway so I know I live in New Zealand but alot of the other people are starting a new school year so I thought I might do this anyway because it seems fun.
These are just a few easy hairstyles that I like to wear to school

I'm not really allowed to wear my hair down to school but I know some are.
braided fringe/bangs
Basically the hair I wear on the weekend but you just take your fringe (helps if its long) or just the font section of your hair and braid it back and clip it with two bobby pins crossing over to make sure its secure then take a one or two inch section from the other side and braid back that side too and then secure in two bobby pins again.

loose messy bun
probably the one I wear to school most, take all your hair and tie your hair like you would a ponytail but on the last one only put through half of your hair so it makes a bun. Next pull your hair lightly around the bun creating a more loose effect and your done.

high ponytail
Tie your hair in a high pony tail and pull on your hair lightly around the ponytail. Clip fringe or bangs back. Lift up the half of the ponytail up and tease with a comb underneath and spray a little bit of hairspray.

Any ponytail
Another one I do quite a lot is where you leave your bangs out and lift up the top layer of your hair and clip it then tease the rest of the hair at the root and spray. Then unclip and flip your head over and spray it and then with your hands kind of mess it up and flip back over. Then tie your hair in a ponytail whether it be high, low or medium, this just creates volume and makes your ponytail look cuter.

Messy bedhead hair
The other styles are for straightened hair mostly but this one is for messy curly hair. If your hair is straight then curl it with the straightening iron to create curls that are messy-ish. Then take the top layer of your hair and clip it in a hair up half down. Or tie it up in a messy bun and clip your bangs back.

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