Sunday, August 29, 2010

bring on summer..

Over in New Zealand our seasons are different and right now it's winter going into spring, we've had winter weather all week which I hate because of rain but supposedly since it's 31st of August, spring starts around tomorrow. Which I guess is good since I can go back and look at all the spring hair and fashion posts on blogs of people from the other side of the world. Pretty soon the school term will be ending meaning term holidays for a couple weeks (and the end of term run which I'm not too happy about) and then it's straight back into last term of school including exams and then summer! Jeez I love summer so much, not only cause of holidays but also because of make-up, hair and clothes. Firstly in summer I have relatives in Australia near Sydney who live near this beautiful beach, I'm not sure how long we are going because last year we stayed for two weeks and went to Sydney and then the Gold Coast which is where all the theme parks are. Then when we come back we go to a camping ground in the north island for two weeks which is a lot funner than it sounds, just the people and beach parties during the day and at night. Getting tanned is nice as well, not lying out in the sun but just walking around getting that glowy tan.

just left out or in a messy ponytail or bun, spritz a little salt water into it. It can get damaged though so in summer use really moisturizing conditioners (bedhead moisture maniac, tresemme salon silk), if your really worried, spritz a little heat tamer spray in your hair. Also a leave in conditioner will help, let your hair dry naturally and leave straightening to a minimum.

Since you get tanner, it kinda evens out your complexion. Minimal make-up, tinted moisturizer, cream blush, waterproof mascara and vaseline or like a tinter lip conditioner for your lips. My skin also seems to clear up rapidly in summer which I adore.

fairly simple in summer, cute swimsuits. Ripped denim shorts, cute little tops with pictures of the beach or slogans on them but not little kiddy prints. Summer dresses or maxi dresses. As for shoes, flip flops or whatever, this is going to sound bad but I wear bare feet a lot of the time at the camping ground. 

Sorry for this post, I'm just too excited for summer! 

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