Friday, August 20, 2010

yet another hair post.

When I was little I wanted my hair exactly like ariel from the little mermaid. Her hair was beautiful, long, full and red. I have wanted to go red for a long time but never have gotten the courage to try it. Red hair is beautiful and just stands out, I wanted hair like ariel and also Kate Winslett from titanic but red hair is risky. Nowadays I still love red hair but I'm not brave enough to dye it. I still love Ariel's hair though, especially her fringe or bangs at the front, how they come off her face with volume, even when she's underwater. I know she's a cartoon character but her hair is so beautiful. She's pretty much my hair idol.

Questions for you
Who's your hair idol?
How do you like your hair? (long, short, colour?)
Ever wanted to try a different risky hairstyle?

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