Friday, July 23, 2010

birthday girl.. soon (:

Hey girls, so since my birthday is coming up in a week I have put together a little wishlist and obviously I'm not guaranteed these but they are just some products I'd like to own, and my mum reads my blog which I think is sweet and kinda creepy (sorry) but yea so hope you enjoy.
For a person who straightens their hair alo the ghd is the way to go, my mum has one but shes really protective over it, I was kinda between my trusted ghd and those new cloud 9 straightners that bloggers and magazing have been gushing about but when I saw these a couple weeks ago the colours mad me go woah. I especially love the green one but I don't know, so tell me what colour you like best because they're all beautiful (:

dkny be delicious is my all time holy grail perfume which got lost in the move to my new house but instead of re-purchasing it I adventured into other perfumes but always come out of the store with this sprayed all over me because it smells so freaking good.
Wanted this lipstick since forever, it's a beautiful colour and I've applied it in MAC so many times and can be on subtly and look nice and natural and for night layer it on. I'm loving bubblegum pink lipstick and it's something about lady gaga and supporting aids that really makes me love this lipstick
Although everything is nice on my list the thing I want the most is to pass my learners, I'm studying my road code really hard and I am excited about learning to drive,

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  1. Hey hun,
    I answered your question on my blog in the chat box and followed :)
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