Saturday, August 7, 2010

product rave 001 + a few lash tips ♥

hey girlies, so right now I have a product I've been using for the last couple of weeks all day every day. I'm a big, no huge mascara person. Mascara is mostly what I collect when it comes to make-up, I've sort of given up on eye shadow for every day as it takes too long and then goes and creases on me. So mascara has been my latest love and I have tried mascaras from covergirl to estee lauder and all those brands in between and I have finally found a mascara that gets my lashes to the potential they were destined to be or have or whatever. This magical mascara from the napolean perdis peep show mascara line and it is the madame fantasia one.

{the good}
I don't own many napolean perdis products but after this mascara I am very tempted to try their other mascaras and maybe even branch out to their other products. It makes my lashes black, voluminous without clumping. It just makes them look like better versions of my eyelashes. The packaging as well is completely white apart from the writing on it, very different which I like.

{the bad}
I am a big fan of mascara on my bottom lashes and this one although it doesn't on the top but on the bottom it tends to smudge a little more than I would like it to so I don't use it on my bottom eyelashes

{the ugly}
Napolean perdis is pretty expensive, not as much as say yves saint laurent or nars but more expensive that maybelline etc.. It is around $40 (NZD) depending where you purchase it from.

lash primer- I don't really wear primer on my eyelashes but for partys and such it really makes your eyelashes look ten times better
eyelash curlers - use this on a daily basis but thats mostly because this mascara isn't a curling one and my eyelashes tend not to have a natural curl
vaseline - vaseline or petroleum jelly if you put it on your eyelashes at night time helps promote growth and strengthens over time

ftc: I am not being sponsored or compensated for this post, the mascara was a gift for my birthday and these are all my own opinions


  1. The way you conduct your reviews is really cute.
    I love how you used the good, bady and ugly method.
    I like NP, i have a fair few of their product and like to use them :)

  2. I liked this post. I havent tried any high end mascaras except benefit. thanks for the post