Thursday, August 26, 2010

face of the day.

One of my first face of the days that if you want me to do more of these just tell me because I think I enjoy them. Today I went to school (so fun, right?) and it was mufti day which we only have like twice a year so everyone gets excited, well atleast I do. I know that sounds entirely nerdy but its true. I swear on mufti every girl you walk past gives you the up down look and you do it too without noticing. I envy those schools who don't have uniform but if my school was like that I don't think I could manage. I can barely decide what to wear on mufti day, let alone ever single day.

basic foundation routine (will post soon), mascara, pink blush and gloss

texturised hair with straightening iron (post coming soon) and tied into a high messy ponytail with a thick black ribbon tied in a bow around it.

light wash ripped skinny jeans with plain black top, cable knit white oversized cardigan and black converses

That's it


  1. They are the most beautiful girls ever!

  2. I so agree Lauren, when I was younger I was obsessed, I had their books, movies and posters and now they've grown up and I have too, they're such an inspiration x