Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you are the best thing thats ever been mine.

Taylor Swift, she is so beautiful and classy, she just is an inspiration. One of the things I love most about Taylor Swift is her hair, its big, curly and blond and she doesn't try to straighten it down. Her hair just makes her Taylor Swift.  This will be a litte tutorial on how to get taylor swift inspired hair. Taylor's hair is naturally curly which she is lucky to have but here is how to kind of get a similar look.

hair mousse
heat protectant
seperating clip
two inch curling iron
hair spray

{how to}
1. this tutorial is done better with second day hair (second day after you washed it) because it'll help the curls hold a lot better
2. put a little bit of mousse through your hair concentrating on the main part of your hair and comb it through, then spray heat protectant through and brush it again then wait five minutes
3. seperate your hair and clip it, then take pieces and curl them with the curling iron and leave for ten seconds
4. do not comb through with your fingers, instead spray with hair spray
5. then repeat steps 3 and 4 with the rest of your hair
6. (optional) then straighten your bangs, I know taylor doesn't do this but for me it looks better
7. then flip your head over and spray and then flip it back and spray
8. And you've got your very own Taylor Swift curls

favourite taylor swift songs:
our song
hey stephen
tim mcgraw

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