Friday, November 5, 2010

back to basics. make-up storage

As my first 'back to basics' post this will be a suggestion on how to store your make-up. It's just a guide so you can twist it into how you like. This is just how I do it but if you have another way of storing it comment below because I would love to see how other people store their things.

first option.
Pick up some little draws that can be found at kmart and places like that, they can range from cheap to expensive but they are mostly pretty cheap. The ones I have are clear and plastic, I got them at a salvation army. Then seperate your make-up. There are two ways you can do this: first is the most common which I do which is seperate prep items (correcting creams, moisturiser, primer), base make-up (concealer, foundation), face products (blush, bronzer, illuminator), eye products (mascara, eyeshadow, liner), lip products (gloss, lipstick, lipstains) and optional pallettes. The second way is where you have a draw for occasions, like everyday use, colourful make-up and night make-up which is less common but I've heard of it being done. It just depends how many draws you have. You can label the draws as well if you want to. I tend to put the 'prettier' like new make-up in the front then the old almost run out make-up which I keep at the back of the draws. On top of the draws you can put your skin and hair products or a mirror from the dollar store.

second option
I personally use the draw option but the vase I think would be a really cool display. Go to a vintage store and pick up a few clear vases in different sizes. Again seperate your make-up and then put them in the vases. This looks really cool but the thing is it might be hard to find things in a rush so try keep the make-up you use the most at the top. Again you can label the vases or decorate them by tying ribbon around.

I just store my brushes in a little vase but I have a friend who stores hers in a vintage tea cup which I think is adorable.

not sure if that helped anyone but thanks for reading (:

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  1. I really like the vase idea!
    my make up collection isn't massive and due to the limited amount of space in my room at the moment i've just got everything in a couple of make up bags, but I do have a lot of nail vanishes and think putting them in a vase would be quite cute and fairly colourful!
    awesome blog.