Saturday, November 20, 2010

lotsa reviews all rolled into one.

Feel free to call me a slacker, because that is pretty much what I've been doing, slacking off. Exams are well and truly over which means two weeks until end of school and then summer holidays plus christmas (!!!) but the part I'm most looking forward to is new years. Last year I was out of the country during new years so I missed out on all the fun but this year I'm staying put and partying it up, sort of. There are a lot of products I've been meaning to review for a long long long long time and they've all built up so I have decided to review two of them here but not really go into detail, more like brush on my opinion and things like that.

big shampoo.
Big is THE shampoo of lush, my lush lady even told me there is a cult that follow it. Imagine, a shampoo with it's own cult. So I went along to the lush store, slapped my money on the counter and said 'I need something for my hair'. The lady smiled as she took me through the little pot of wonders also referred to as big shampoo, as she told me more I slowly fell in love. The consistency is not the common shampoo consistancy and although I love it, it caused my best friend the shrivel up her nose and say 'I don't think that's shampoo..'. It is very gel like with heaps of big sea salt bits in it but don't be alarmed because that is what it's supposed to be like. I personally love the smell, it's hard to explain but to me it smells fresh and like the ocean if that makes sense. On the first wash your hair is silky and smooth but for the volume you have to wash twice. What I do with it is do the first wash working the shampoo all over my hair and the second just in the roots and then finally putting in conditioner just at the bottom of my hair. Since I love volume in my hair as well as it being silky smooth, big shampoo is a must. I don't use it everyday, just twice a week. can purchase it from lush stores

scarlett and greene skincare.
Do not worry, I will be doing another review in about a months time telling you my overall liking of this product, who I recommend it to yada yada yada but for now I've only been using it for two weeks and so far I'm in love. There is no toner which I found rather odd about it so I researched it and found that toner is not always needed in skincare. It comes with a cleanser/make-up remover which removes make-up and dirt and then a break out control wash and finally an oil free moisturiser. Scarlett and greene market themselves on their products being 'free from nasties' meaning no harmful ingredients to cause irritation to your skin. This means if you have sensitive skin I would look into it because natural products are good for you. Also if you have clear skin then you don't need the acne wash, just the cleanser and moisturiser. The only problem is that so far I'm pretty sure it is only available in New Zealand but I'm planning on having a giveaway later in life and the scarlett and greene products will definately be thrown in there. can purchase from scarlett and greene website or in check stockists to see if there's a store near you that sells it

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