Sunday, November 14, 2010

back to basics: finding your foundation.

Finding your right foundation takes patience but is well worth it once the right one is found. Foundation is where it all starts off so in order for your make-up to look fantastic your base has to be fantastic as well. There are a tone of different foundations out there but you have to find the one that suits you.
- Generally higher end brands (especially mac and bobbi brown) have many colour varieties so if you really struggle with finding the right colour in drugstore brands or you like your colour to be dead on your natural skin colour then I would reccommend investing.
- The lighting in shops may be very different to 'natural' lighting which you will mostly be seen in so once the make-up girl applies it to your face tell her you will come back later and step into natural light outside and look at it in a compact mirror to see is you like it.
- The general rule is that you go foundation shopping bare faced to ensure the colour is right
- always test the foudation on your face (on the jaw line) and not on your hand and when you find one you want to try apply it all over
- Some girls make the mistake of wanting to look tanner so they buy foundation in a few shades darker than their skin tone, do NOT do this. If you want to look tanner use bronzer
- if there's a foundation you want to try out search for reviews on it, then you can see what other people did or didn't like about it
- decide on the way you want to apply it: either using fingers, brush or sponge
- when starting out with make-up or teenage skin try using a tinted moisturiser so that it's lighter and move on to foundation when your skin needs it. If you have clear skin there is no point in piling on layers of foundation
- The majority of peopl have different shades of foundation for summer and winter because of the skin colour difference during the seasons.
- Some foundations can cause skin irritation so if you have sensitive skin you may want to look into that or use foundations that are natural
- If you have acne or pimples then you may want to lean towards a mineral or oil-free formula
- Finally foundation is a overall choice of what you like, the finish of your skin, the coverage, the formula

that is pretty much it but I hoped that helped a few of you, if you have any reccomendations

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