Sunday, July 11, 2010

yet another beauty tag (:

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
well, I did dancing when I was younger so I wore make-up for shows but like legitiment make-up I didn't start wearing til I was eleven.

2. Why did you get into/why do you love makeup and makeup art?
Make-up is just really fun, experimenting with different colours and it can enhance your features.

3. What was your first high end product?
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural

4. Have you found your ‘my lip but better’ lipstick? If so, what is it?
no I haven't actually my lip colour changes alot

5. If you could only use one colored makeup product (eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip products, etc.) what would it be?
eyeshadow in black, i use that all around my eyes to enhance them, but subtly

6. Have you found your holy grail foundation or mascara? If so, what is it/what are they?
foundation, no
mascara, estee lauder zero clump mascara

7. Black or brown mascara?
Black for sure

8. Gel or liquid liner?
liquid, i haven't used gel

9. ULTA or Sephora?
since we have neither in NZ I don't know. Probably sephora

10. How long do you spend on average every morning on your makeup?
Like ten minutes, I'm not a whole time person, I'm like powder, blush, chapstick, black shadow, mascara DONE!

11. Around what time of the day do you apply your makeup?
school, I try not to wear too much because if I get caught.. detention. but mostly in the morning apart from holidays, I don't have make-up on now even

12. If you could only wear one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?
MAC for sure, most of my make-up essentials are from there, and due to collections always coming out, I could for sure live off MAC

13. Neutral eye makeup or colorful?
Neutral, deffinately, but for nights out I like a pop of colour

14. Do you get inspired for your makeup designs or do you just sit down and start working?
Sometimes inspiration from like youtube videos and magazine pictures, but my favourite is where I just pick something that I never usually use and make it work. Kind of like something I bought and was like ew what was I thinking but try it out.
15. What are you favorite sets to make? (Reviews, tutorials, etc.)
this is from polyvore and they make sets but I'm a blogger so.. possibly tags, I know thats bad but I find them fun to read and write.

16. What is your favorite makeup store?
MAC, for sure, best make-up place in NZ I think. Or smith & caugheys which has MAC plus like clinique, bobbi brown etc..

17. Low end or high end?
High end. There is no competition.
18. What is your most used brush?
I have three, MAC 150 for powder, stippling brush for blush and tapered crease brush for shadow

19. What is your must have eyeshadow?
Any black, mostly MAC carbon

20. Have you ever whitened your teeth?
no but I'm hoping to when I get my braces off

21. Do you color your hair?
I never have, I kind of like my natural hair colour, I do get bored sometimes but especially now it's winter and everyone is dying it dark so I feel like I don't need to dye it.
22. Hair or makeup?
this is hard for me, I like make-up but lately I've been more into hair.

23. What is your top low end brand? Top high end?
Low end brands are moisture mist, covergirl and revlon
My top high end is either MAC, clinique or NARS

24. What is your most-used MAC product?
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural

25. Do you have a signature perfume? If so, what is it?
I have a few, DKNY be delicious and britney spears midnight fantasy

26. What lipgloss are you closest to using up? Will you repurchase it?
australis mineral gloss in lambada, beautiful baby pink

27. What is one eyecolor that you would love to have? One blush?
MAC carbon
MAC pinch'o'peach

28. What is one product that you would kill for?
MAC femme fi and urban decay products like primer potion (no urban decay here)

29. How often do you paint your nails?
almost never, I cannot paint my own nails to save my life so unless someone paints them they are never painted, plus my nails grow superhumanly fast.

30. Whose collection are you jealous of?
mmm.. temptalia. but then sometimes I look at my collection and I really only need a few things that I use everyday.

Sorry for making you sit through yet another tag, I really want to do the 40 beauty questions one but I wouldn't do that to you guys just yet, anyway next post will be everyday make-up (:

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