Sunday, July 4, 2010

buy or bye? (: modelco fluidsplash

ModelCo fluidsplash 3 in 1 foundation is an oil-free 50% water light coverage liquid foundation with a top that flips open revealing a concealer that can also be used as an eye primer. ModelCo is a much loved australian company that I may do a post about a little later because there stuff is expensive but their packaging is the cutest. ModelCo don't specialise in foundations, they are more known for their self tanning range which is awesome and their fibre lash which again is pretty awesome. It comes in eight different shades. I keep searching for foundations all the time but I want to make sure they are oil-free and good for your skin because as you've seen in my former post my skin isn't being my friend right not. So I need your advice, should I buy or just I just leave it as a fantasy?

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