Friday, September 10, 2010

share the love..

ahhh, one of my favourite tags, letting you guys know my favourite blogs of all time, go check them out and follow them.

I tag

1. jordy
jordy is a beautiful girl similar age to me whos from Australia, her blog is beautiful with reviews and hauls. It's not just a beauty blog, it's also a fashion and kind of inspiration blog too. She's gorgeous and gives great reviews. We share similar taste in fashion and make-up. Go check her..

2. milly
milly is a truly stunning english beauty who is very girly. Her blog was reccomended to me and I absolutely love it. She updates her blog a lot and it is just gorgeous. Her blog is just a look at her personality with cupcakes and unicorns and pink and just pretty little things.

3. anna
Anna is so beautiful, I just envy her hair. Her blog is filled with inspirational outfits of the day, shes a fan of mac lipsticks and she is just stunning. She just makes me crave caramel hair and alexander mcqueen

4. holly
Holly is a sweet pretty girl from Australia, who I love her videos and her blog. She does great hair tutorials and has wonderful taste in clothing, shes a cutie.

5. olivia
She is a gorgeous girl who is inspiring me to get a nose stud like hers. Shes really sweet and down to earth and does great tutorials

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    id love it if you take a look and follow mine as i have yours.