Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hairrr routine.

Lately I've really been into hair which is kinda cool because it is a lot like make-up, you have your higher end brands like tigi and joico and you also have you lower end or drugstore brands like pantene and tresemme. As for my hair, it is virgin hair (never been dyed) with oily roots and dry ends (from heat damage) which is quite the challenge.

the products
tresemme cleansing shampoo
tresemme moisturising conditioner
pantene 3 minute miracle
hair dryer
sebastian potion 9
tresemme 24hr body root booster spray
toni&guy heat tamer spray
ghd straightning iron
tresemme hair mousse
tigi bedhead brunette goddess shine spray

how i do it
1. wash my hair with shampoo, just in the roots and rinse
2. put conditioner in bottom of hair and leave for a few minutes then rinse, once a week or every two I put in pantene 3 minute miracle for three minutes in the bottom of my hair
3. put my hair up in a towel for 10 minutes, then take down and comb through
4. blow dry bangs on the cool setting of hair dryer
 5. put sebastian potion 9 in bottom of hair and spray root boster spray in roots, then spray in heat tamer spray and blow dry whole hair on the hot setting and blow dry upside down
6. once dry spray in heat tamer spray again and straighten all of hair with ghd straightner
7. then apply mousse on the bottom of hair
8. spray a little bit of shine spray into hands and run all over hair
and finished.

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