Sunday, September 26, 2010

my 'gotta go now' make-up, hair and outfit.

I know everyone has those days where they slept in or missed their alarm and they have to get up and go in less than 10 minutes. This happens to some more occasionally than others and I feel like this happens to me almost every single morning so I have this rushing technique down to a fine science.

make up
1. cleanse and moisturise face
2. apply concealer under eyes and on any blemished
3. apply a pressed powder (loose can be messy especially when in a rush) all over face.
4. apply a quick sweep of bronzer on cheeks as blush, on chin and on temples
5. apply cream illuminator on brow bone and on inner corner
6. apply a few coats of mascara and a bit of vaseline
for most of this I just use my fingers which are faster then finding brushes in the morning

1. if greasy looking spray a little dry shampoo
2. flip head over and tease a little with brush and spray
3. gather on top of head and tie in a messy bun
4. spray and bobby pin

1. put on a pair of jeans, light wash or dark wash
2. throw on a cute top
3. add a leather or denim jacket in winter with a scarf
4. throw on pandora bracelet
5. socks and all black converses


  1. Very pretty! :-)

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  2. I love your hair, it looks so thick and full of volume. I need my hair to grow, it just takes forever. I like your blog, I am now a follower


  3. haha that is not me in the picture, but yes I agree I want my hair exactly like this it so pretty. I'm checking out your blog as I am writing this (: