Saturday, September 25, 2010

its a (pantene three minute) miracle

I recently bought a three pack of the pantene three minute miracle for $8.99 because it was cheap and sounded like what I needed only to find out it would be my latest hair love. My hair recently has been really dry lately but then my roots are greasy so I've been trying to find a product that doesn't make my roots oily but then softens my hair.

the good.
It only takes three minutes in the shower plus I didn't need all the tube so I used it to cover my whole head and then wash it out and used the remaining product mixed with my conditioner a few days later. My hair is pretty long as well, maybe just below my bust line. The results were incredible, I don't think my hair has ever been this soft, I keep on touching it because it feels so smooth.

the bad.
my hair doesn't have much texture anymore which kinda sucks because I do like a lot of texture in my hair. It's not a re-sealable tube so if you have shorter hair and want to use it multiple times you can't seal it back up.  

the ugly.
It is cheap at approximately $3.00 per tube but it reccomends to use it once a week which will add up but then again you don't have to use it every week.

update: I'm now on term holidays for two weeks which is great plus on my latest post I got some comments which made me ecstatic. I'm planning to go to IMATS in sydney next year but anyway this term I will be working, shopping and sitting my learners. I'm excited but when we get back from holidays in a few weeks we have junior exams but its only eight weeks of school I have to live through until summer. I have also chosen my options for next year which are maths, english, PE, media studies, art and general science

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  1. I've tried that product, it's lush :) thanks for following!