Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's April now, smack bang in the middle of easter as I am writing this. Maybe going to the easter show, they have great goodie bags. I have decided to commit myself to this whole monthly favourites thing people on youtube do. So drumroll please...

moisture mist beauty cake - Just recently got this and I am safe to say that my what looked like neverending perfect foundation search is officially over. The moisture mist beauty cake gives a really pretty light finish that I am in love with and you don't feel like you have make-up on at all, it is truly truly freaking amazing.

MAC pinch'opeach blush - This has been my favourite blush for so long and I almost named this blog after it. Its matte and the most beautiful pink colour ever, for night you can apply it dark and it looks really glowy and pretty but during the day I just brush it on lightly.

coastal scents 88 shimmer pallette - again a product I love that was what I was going to cal my blog but that sounds kinda stupid (, actually I kind of like it. Has a ring to it. Since it's term holidays for two weeks, I have been experimenting with this pallette everyday twice a day. The pigmentation is gorgeous and the colours are so bright. A must-have for all make-up junkies.

OPI nail polish in 'I'm not really a waitress' - gorgeous colour, OPI nail polishes are such good quality and this colour is so adorable plus the name is cute as.

Beauty Blogs - beauty blogs are so helpful thats why I am making one. A few of my favourites are, and go check those out and follow me all the way home dolls.

Clean&Clear morning glow moistrurizer - has SPF 15 in it and is a lightweight formula. Has legit like shimmer in it. I love it so much.

Proactiv acne 3 step - Second round of this stuff and it just keeps getting better. Keep tuned for my skincare post, coming to a town near you.

Remix magazine - got the subscription for my christmas and I love this magazine so much, its more sophisticated with lots of MAC make-up, zambesi and stolen girlfriends club stuff.

Thats all my monthly favourites, tune in next month for another round, until then bye.

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