Sunday, April 4, 2010

'it's called a lushie'

hey everyone, so yesterday I was walking along queenstreet because I was on a family trip to Auckland City when I spotted lush. I freaked out. I hadn't been to lush since Sydney last year and I never ever know there was one in New Zealand. So I decided to go inside for a 'look' which then turned into be a 'buy'. One funny incident was when I was looking at the face masks which my sister when I said 'I love lush so much, what do you call a person when they are addicted to lush?' my sister just shrugged and this girl beside me turns around and says in a rather rude voice 'It's called a lushie' and then stormed off to the soaps. So my first blogpost with pictures, yay for me. And I know my photography skills are terrible but these were taken off my phone so I promise I will get better. x

Just a photo I set up of the lush bag with some products infront of it. hahaha I'm so weird, but I cut off the 'lush' logo on the bag which was the whole point of the photo. fail

top from left: avobath bath ballistic, sex bomb bath ballistic, play your cards right massage bar
bottom form left: the comforter bubble bar, sexy peel soap and karma soap.

Nothing really to say so far because I haven't used any pf these yet. This was a set called viva lush vegas that also came with 'joy of jelly' shower jelly that I didn't realise was in there so I bought another one and gave this one to my sister. Oh and the comforter smells amazing and same with karma soap.

from left: joy of jelly shower jelly and crash course in skin care face mask

So that's all for my lush haul and it turns out there are nine lush stores in New Zealand but if you don't live near one, hop onto and select the NZ flag to go to lush new zealand online. Same with other countries. Next time I go to lush I think I will get more girly products like rockstar soap and creamy candy bubble bar and I'm interested in their face masks and hair products. Note: some lush things do need to be refridgorated (arrrgh cant spell)

. - thats my beauty mark

ftc - I'm not 100% sure if bloggers have to put ftc but just being safe. All these products were purchased by me and my sister (so we share them) I'm not being payed to haul these products

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