Saturday, April 3, 2010


I went to Rodney Wayne hair stylists yesterday for the first time. Rodney Wayne is kind of like a semi-upscale hair salon. So I went in unnanounced and actually got an appointment.

11:45am - arrived in the mall, went up to Rodney Wayne and was greeted with a 'Why hello there darling, may I help you?' by the gay receptionist (who had amazing fashion sense might I add). Asked if I could get my hair cut sometime today or tomorrow and he replied with 'Oh sweetie your in luck, we just had a cancellation, come back at 12 k?'
11:50am - left and went to have a look in MAC for 10 minutes and almost bought something but restrained myself because I didn't know how much it was going to cost.
11:59 - went back to the salon, sat down, read vogue australia
12:00- an asian man with dreadlocks, massive round thick black glasses, dark wash jeans and a floral shirt walks up to me and says 'maria? I am doing your hair today'
12:01 - sits me down with a glass of water and plays with my hair asking me what I want. 'could you please thin it out heaps and layer it a lot too' I asked. He replies 'yes sure sure, I think you may need a treatment because your hair is very very dry'.
12:05 - shampoo girl named Jessica I think, sits me down and washes my hair. Seriously if you like head massages don't go to a professional, go to Rodney Wayne, I mean it. She massaged my head so much, it was amazing. Then she applied treatment.
12:25 - sat back down in the chair and he dried my hair like 50% then cut
12:45 - dried hair 100% then straightened with GHDs, he got it so straight.
12:55 - layered hair and did shaping around my face
1:15 - finished and didn't buy any products at all

cut - $75
treatment - $30

final thoughts: I will be going back again, it was seriously amazing, my hair feels so soft and light because I naturally have very very thick hair. Hair is super shiny plus good customer service head massage, drink refiling and bringing new magazines. Will definately go again some time.

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