Friday, June 25, 2010


what does it really mean to have pretty hair? My hair is pretty average, layered, side fringe, top of boob length, never been died (yes I'm a dye virgin), black/brown colour thats curly wavy but not the big nice curly wavy, more like an ugly hard to style curly wavy. Some days I'm in love with my hair and sometimes I hate it. My hair routine is pretty basic and will be posted on here later. I straighten it everyday with GHD iron and for school I like to wear it messy. So many girls have the prettiest hair, my friend taylor has dyed hair and everytime she gets it dyed it looks good. Sometimes though dying isn't good. I used to have this friend who had the prettiest hair I'd ever seen. It was boob length caramel with natural blondish light caramel highlights which looked great against her tanned skin and green eyes (yes I'm bringing out my natural inner english geek in this post). Then we went seperate ways and she added me on facebook and in her photo she had not even kidding solid black choppy shoulder length fringe hair. It looked pretty good and like what many girls are dying their hair like these days but she just didn't look natural. So I went all CSI on her page (which is my fancy way of saying facebook stalking) and it seems that she went from bleach bleach blond to dark as black and it didn't look so good. I just wish that she didn't dye it. Some people have good judgement, my advice if your going to dye your hair is really think about it. Think about the colour and ask round your friends and stylist before you go and do it.

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