Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 june ins and outs

So just an update dearies.
Right now theres a powercut all around my suburb, lucky my laptops wireless. Anyway, exams junior mid year exams are next week so I've been studying real hard because lately my reports have been pretty bad so my mum promised me that If I pass all my exams I get to test the clinique 3-step skincare system because lately my skin has been so terrible, the only part of my face that is clear is my forehead, the rest is covered in pimples everywhere. I've stopped wearing face make-up all together and it's not working that well. So I will have a post up pretty soon about my skin and stuff, thats if I pass which is pretty unlikely due to me having the worst year ever.

no make-up
new fringe (my friend cut it and its actually amazing)
my levi darkwash skinny jeans
estee lauder zero smudge mascara
boots no.7 ultimate curl mascara
coastal scents 88 shimmer pallette
answering beauty questions on forums

bad skin
feeling bad everytime I go to download a song off limewire which equals illegal
getting in trouble for my top button being undone
my hair going curly at school straight after I straightened it

That's about it ladies. Blog you later babies xxxxx

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