Tuesday, May 4, 2010

style: the jock jacket

I know this is supposed to be like a beauty blog but I wanted to add a bit of fashion into it just because this is something I've been loving and it is the men's jock jacket. So jock jackets are purely cliche chick flick style but I love them all the same. I mean not many schools I know of have attractive jock jackets but if yours does then borrow your guy friends I guess but I don't think many schools in my area have the jock jacket so I think that's why I like them, I don't know. I used to think they were purely for men but seeing this girl in the lower jock jacket (pictured above) she just looks so adorable and cute (ignoring the fact she has no pants on). I think this would make a cute and warm jacket for winter with some dark wash jeans and a plain black or white top. I know lower aren't the only brand with the jock jackets but I just instantly fell in love with it. They are mens though, it would be a little bit better if they did make womens jock jackets because they'd be a whole lot more fitted than the mens ones it is how it is I guess.

picture: lower.co.nz

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